Testicular cancer could be easily treated if people talked about it a bit more, if we got rid of the taboo, increased awareness, provided more information, and if support was provided to the men who do have it. We cover all those elements.



Our awareness program helps us save lives and reduce suffering. Considering the fact that this cancer affects young men and touches on a somewhat embarrassing subject, the goal is to break down the taboos surrounding the disease. We reach millions every year with your help and donations.



Along with our awareness tools, we are the most complete and verifiable source of information on testicular cancer in Canada—and probably the world. Our medical advisory board develops tools to make information accessible and useful.



The support we offer men with testicular cancer, as well as their families, helps reduce their own distress associated with cancer. We have an army of volunteers ready to help you get through this ordeal.


History 101

In 2007, Cherryl Perry founded The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association after the death of her son Adam, who died of testicular cancer at the age of 18. Before he passed, Adam told his mother that embarrassment had kept him from telling anyone about his testicular pain.

In 2012, Alexandre Desy, a survivor, formed Cancer Testiculaire Canada. He too understood the terrible impact embarrassment could have on those living with the disease. The two organizations merged in 2015 to form Testicular Cancer Canada.



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