An unexpected journey

In April 2013 I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. The first surgery was an Orchiectomy and recovered well from it. I carried with my regular life. In August 2013 I started chemotherapy. It was revealed the
cancer cells had spread into a lymph node.

The 9 weeks of chemotherapy were not as bad as predicted but managed to get through. The support of my family and friends helped me every day. Once the treatment had finished I returned to my regular life, little did I know that I had changed without knowing it. As the weeks progressed, I started to realize my body was not the same. This was a valuable lesson and was the beginning of the “new normal”.

I could not accept it at first but slowly adjusted to my new life and realized some changes are needed for the better. In October 2014 I had a retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. This was the most challenging moment during my battle with cancer. The intense two weeks in the hospital changed me forever. Taught me what the true meaning of life is. Since then I have accepted my “new normal” and have made several changes to my life. These changes have made me a better person and I look forward to see what the future has for me. Cancer has taught me several lessons. Life is not what you expect to be but is what handed to you. Not too value money, as when ill only your faith will get you through. To enjoy the small things in life. And to see the brighter side of situations. I plan to help other fight the good fight as it said. Going through cancer is valuable lesson in life.

Alexandre DésyComment