From Star Quarterback to Cancer Survivor

During his football days, Kyle Williams spent years living with a dull pain in his testicle. Thinking it couldn’t possibly be anything serious, he always ignored it. Until the day he discovered a small lump.

After having surgery two weeks later to remove the testicle, Kyle was diagnosed with a rare, reoccurring, aggressive form of cancer. At the time, he was just 23 years old.

More tests were scheduled, and lumps were discovered in front of his heart and in his lymphatic system. Major surgery was required to remove all of the lymph nodes, and Kyle was scheduled for six weeks of six-hour chemo sessions.

The surgery and chemo were successful, and after a year-long battle, Kyle was told he had beaten testicular cancer. He’s now on a remission plan that requires him to go in for tests twice a year. Kyle is now an advocate for early detection, because he believes the spread of his cancer could have been avoided if he’d spoken up earlier about the pain he was experiencing.

Kyle and his wife live in Burlington, Ontario. He coaches high school football and runs a health and wellness company educating kids about the importance of good health. And about speaking up when you think something could be wrong.